Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drop that cookie!

I made a discovery this morning.... my jeans are a little snugger than they were before Thanksgiving. That could mean only one thing - I've eaten way too much over the holiday =). I can't say that I'm surprised, because I'm not. I almost expected to gain some weight simply because I love eating, and I love Turkey and all the fixings!!!! That's okay. I'm 3 pounds up from where I was, but now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm going to get back down to business. I have to. I'd much rather do it now than wait and have 5 or even 10 pounds to lose. Right now I'm at 132. 129 here I come. And once I get there, I may even tag on an extra 4 pounds and try to get to 125. That would be amazing! Hard, but amazing! Wish me luck! =)

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mandiland said...

I need some serious help in this area! We need to talk accountability, FAST! :)
By the way, are you ever going to check out my blog???