Friday, June 27, 2008

Jace's first day without mommy!

so we went to six flags yesterday with our youth, and it was awesome!! our kids had so much fun, and they were so well behaved. it was all together a great trip, but even more exciting was the fact that the entire time we were in texas, jace stayed home with some of our friends and he did great!
needless to say i was more than uneasy about the idea. i actually texted the sitters probably ten different times throughout the day just for my own piece of mind, but every time i checked up on him he was doing great! i couldn't believe it! well i could because i pretty much had prayed about it for the entire week before, but i couldn't because he usually gets upset even when i am home and just leave the room. so all in all, it was a huge answer to prayer because i was at peace of mind knowing he was doing well and i had a great time at six flags because of it =) a whole day all to myself... it's hard to believe!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lazy bones

not sure why but today is one of those days where from the time i woke up, i have felt nothing but lazy! i've been really tired lately... and no i'm not pregnant.... but for whatever reason, i've got to do something because if not i might start rotting =) just kidding, that's gross. so i somehow managed to do two loads of laundry, washed some dishes, and took jace to his doctors appointment, so atleast i've been somewhat productive, yet i feel like i haven't done anything. i wonder if being at home mom is giving my brain too much rest? is that possible, sure it is =)
on an upside i'm super excited (and that does require some energy) because our family is going on vacation july 3rd, and we're going home to indy. we're going to get to see our family, who i miss very much, and chris and i are going to take a special day for just the two of us and we're going to king's island. i'm very excited about it even though i'm nervous to leave jace for a day and night, but i guess better to do it when he's with family. i'm also really excited because i get to see my two best friends. my best friend from ohio, stacy petty, is coming to see me and i can't wait to see her. she's about to have her second baby, and we were together throughout her first pregnancy, which was really exciting. so i can't wait to see her pregnant again! and my best friend from indy, tiffany marko, who i hung out with all through highschool and we've have an amazing friendship full of amazing memories.... many of which i can't share because i'd be too embarrassed. can't wait!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strawberry Cream Pie

Okay so there are a few recipes I keep promising to post, and I just keep forgetting. So here's one from staff retreat that I hope you all can enjoy =)

Literally the easiest pie ever!


1 Keebler ready pie crust
1 bar softened room temp. cream cheese
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 canister of cool whip
1 lb. fresh sliced strawberries
1 tbsp. granulated sugar

In a small mixing bowl toss together sliced strawberries and 1 tbsp. of sugar. cover and chill for about 1 hour.

In medium mixing bowl combine cream cheese and 1/2 cup of sugar and whip until sugar is completely incorporated into cheese. Should be creamy with no lumps.
** If cream cheese is even slightly chilled, you will get lumps so be sure to give it ample time to sit out.

Next, add cool whip and gently fold into cream cheese mixture until well blended. Don't whip it as this will thin out the whipped cream and make it runny.

Pour cream mixture into pie crust and spread evenly. Allow it to chill for 3-4 hours.

Top with strawberries when ready to serve =)

Hope you ladies enjoy this one!

Very Rewarding Trash

saturday was a work day at one of the local elementary schools. our church volunteered to help clean up the campus, repaint the stage in the auditorium, do some landscaping, put up all new bleachers and hoops, there was a lot to be done, but we had a pretty good turn out and i think we were able to finish everything we had hoped we would.

you know its funny how when i first got there, i had that instant feeling of, oh i hope this goes by fast. not sure why, i just did. it was hot, and it was saturday, why was i all of sudden wishing i hadn't volunteered to help? funny how that happens. i tried to forget about being selfish and i got over it and asked what i could do to help. and wouldn't you know i ended up picking up trash off the campus. i hard job? no! but a gross one in the heat of day, yea. i think God was maybe trying to humble me a bit =) and its funny because as i was picking up the trash i could find, and walking around, i instantly felt God tug my heart and tell me to pray for the school. i felt so convicted because for a short time i had forgotten why i was there. God reminded me. i wasn't there for me, i was there for the school and the kids. and before i knew it i realized that what i was doing was a great service, but only if my attitude while doing it was right. so i silently asked God to forgive me for my very poor attitude and starting picking up trash trying to be positive, and once my attitude changed, something inside of me changed too. it was my heart, and i could literally feel it growing. the whole time i was out there, i felt like God was just smiling on us and i knew he was proud. to see us serving others just as he did. its so funny because God never ceases to amaze me. no matter how much i give to others, he always rewards me with so much more. i left the school feeling so much better about myself than i had when i first got there. it just goes to show you that God can use us in any situation even when our heart isn't always fully in it. i didn't start off on the best foot, but God helped me change that, and i'm so thankful that i was able to serve and i allowed him to use me.... even if it was just to pick up trash =)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

so i was pretty excited because i found a jawbone on sale! i had been looking for a few weeks and wouldn't you know the day before father's day, i finally found one for $80! (compared to usually costing $119) so of coarse, you know me, i love surprises. i put it in a nice gift bag, left one of those cute singing cards in there that sang, "just the two of us" ( i thought it was pretty cute) and then slipped it in his car so when he left for church father's day morning, he would find a nice little surprise! needless to say he really liked it, but with chris there's not much guessing. he usually tells me exactly what he'd like which - i like. atleast i know that way he'll always like what i get =)

after church i came home and fixed us a nice lunch that didn't come out exactly as i had hoped, but i tried. we had ribeye steaks (that were well done...... that's the part i hadn't hoped for! ha!) , rosemary potatoes, home-style green beans and of coarse, sister shubert's!! mm! we love some sister shuberts! haha! after that i decided it was his day, so we spent the majority of the day relaxing and watching the u.s. open.

all in all, i just hope he had a great father's day because he deserves it. he's such an amazing dad, and i probably don't tell him enough. anytime he's playing with jace, is my favorite time. i just love to watch them interact and to see the side of chris thats so playful and tender. he loves jace so much and that is evident any time you see the two of the together. so hats off to you baby! to the worlds best dad! we love you and are so glad your ours!

Staff Retreat

wow.... all i'm going to say is thank God for staff retreat! =) i have to say, i've never been on a staff retreat before, but after this past week, i hope i get to go on one every year after this one for the rest of my life! it was just so refreshing to get away from the house, away from the dog, away from cooking and cleaning..... (sigh) =)
we had three full-time baby sitters. so if i wanted to go out and relax at the pool, i went out. if i wanted to ride the jet skis with my hubby, i did, and if i wanted to just hang out with some of the ladies, i could. it was SO nice..... and the baby sitters were definitely my favorite part! although i have to say, coming in a pretty close second was the time i was able to spend with all the other pastors wives. we are doing life with some of the most amazing people.
I really feel like i was able to learn a lot more about some of the ladies, and i had such a great time just being around them. its funny how we're all so unique in our own ways too. Tiffany is basically the sweetest person i've ever met. she's so positive, and i love her giggle! Alicia is so easy to be around and so genuine. you can tell that she has a huge heart just from spending a little bit of time with her. Andrea, okay, she has like this evil laugh thing she does, i love it! and whenever i'm around her i'm always laughing. Janet is a woman who knows what she likes. she always very honest and i really love that about her. Sharon is like the mom! everyone loves her and shes always making sure everyone's taken care of. Mandy, you don't even have to know her and you could spend an entire day with her just being yourself. although be careful because she might pull a prank on you! haha.
our conversations were great, and the time was personally very rewarding.... i can't remember the last time i had that much adult conversation in three days! ha! thank you peoples church for blessing me so much with a time of refreshing and time to spend with girlfriends. I'm so grateful!!... and can't wait til next year! =D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mommy melt down!!!

okay so usually i like to think of myself as an upbeat, easy going, happy go lucky kinda lady! but! my goodness! don't ask me where it all came from, but i had a MAJOR melt down the other night.

Being an at home mom has been a huge answer to prayer. If you would have talked to me a few months ago, you would have totally heard me mention the fact that life was good but that I was waiting for the Lord to answer my prayers to allow me to stay home with Jace. I was really struggling with putting Jace in a daycare where who knows who, would be teaching him life lessons and who knows what else. I didn't want to miss that first "dada" or the first time he rolled over. I firmly believe that he is my number one ministry and that being home with him is the greatest privilege. not only do I get to teach him all the principles i believe the bible instructs us to teach, but i get to take part in every exciting new adventure. From his first word to his first step, I get to take part in all of it! amazing right? ..... so why have i been so depressed!! being at home seems to have sucked the joy of life right out of me! just lately i've just felt, well, not myself for lack of better words. Luckily I've realized why and now i know how to handle it. if it weren't for my husband, i'd probably still be clueless, but with his help we have developed a plan to get me out of this mommy slump!

First of all, the causes for the mommy melt-down (and all mommy's are probably guilty):
1. Spending every waking moment at home. Outside of running errands, my daily routine pretty much revolves around Jace and his naps. Because he takes a couple of naps a day, that limits my time to get out.
2. My only conversation is with my baby babbling cutie pie and our dog! Unfortunately even though i'm a huge people person, I hate the phone. I'd rather text a million texts than have a normal conversation on the phone and since i stay home all day, i pretty much just talk to jace, who, if you haven't figured it out yet, isn't much of a conversationalist! ha!
3. Trying to be the perfect Housewife/mom. for whatever reason i drive myself crazy trying to keep our house clean. when i could be out getting fresh air with jace or going for a walk or meeting up with a girlfriend, instead i seize any opportunity i can when jace is preoccupied or sleeping, to wash more dishes, do more laundry, or straighten the couch pillows that I've already straightened a million times even though they'll never really look the way i want them to.
4. Thinking Jace needs me around even when Chris is home. Seriously, not sure why, but even once Chris gets home, I just stay home and do the same things i do all morning, clean and cook.
5. Thinking Chris needs me around every time he's home. I just feel guilty going out and having fun with some girlfriends if I know that Chris is home. He doesn't make me feel that way, I just do for some reason.

So here are my solutions that me and my hubby have come with:
1. I just need to get out! Even if it's just taking Jace to the playground, or running to Target for toilet paper, instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, Jace is laid back enough that I just need to realize that getting out of the house in itself it therapeutic. Taking jace and the dog for a walk is a change of pace, and sometimes thats just what i need.
2. Girl time is key!!! there is no reason why i can't meet a girlfriend for lunch and just take jace with me. some adult conversation can do wonders for the brain! =D talking to someone who actually talks back - that can be more rewarding than people realize.
3. NObody is perfect, so if there are dishes left in the sink, or toys left on the floor - life will go on! ..... wow! that felt good! =) the point of being home is to be with jace, not the house!
4. Daddy is sufficient! Jace absolutely adores his daddy so there's no reason for me to be hovering every minute when Chris is home. if anything, i need to seize the opportunity to go out and actually do something without Jace on my hip. His world is not going to crash and burn if i'm not there.... really.
5. Chris time / Me time. As much as i love the time we spend together as a family (especially thursday nights; our designated family night), sometimes it's good for me to get out and socialize with some girlfriends that i maybe don't get to see during the day. Chris very much loves watching his sports, where as i am not so much a fan. so instead of sitting on the couch wishing we were watching something else, i can use those opportunities to go out and see a girlfriend i haven't seen in a while, and he can peacefully enjoy the game with Jace, and have some quality father - son time =)

so there it is, the melt down was bad but i'm glad i had it. better sooner than later, and atleast now i can begin to do what it takes to fully enjoy being an at home mom!