Monday, June 16, 2008

Staff Retreat

wow.... all i'm going to say is thank God for staff retreat! =) i have to say, i've never been on a staff retreat before, but after this past week, i hope i get to go on one every year after this one for the rest of my life! it was just so refreshing to get away from the house, away from the dog, away from cooking and cleaning..... (sigh) =)
we had three full-time baby sitters. so if i wanted to go out and relax at the pool, i went out. if i wanted to ride the jet skis with my hubby, i did, and if i wanted to just hang out with some of the ladies, i could. it was SO nice..... and the baby sitters were definitely my favorite part! although i have to say, coming in a pretty close second was the time i was able to spend with all the other pastors wives. we are doing life with some of the most amazing people.
I really feel like i was able to learn a lot more about some of the ladies, and i had such a great time just being around them. its funny how we're all so unique in our own ways too. Tiffany is basically the sweetest person i've ever met. she's so positive, and i love her giggle! Alicia is so easy to be around and so genuine. you can tell that she has a huge heart just from spending a little bit of time with her. Andrea, okay, she has like this evil laugh thing she does, i love it! and whenever i'm around her i'm always laughing. Janet is a woman who knows what she likes. she always very honest and i really love that about her. Sharon is like the mom! everyone loves her and shes always making sure everyone's taken care of. Mandy, you don't even have to know her and you could spend an entire day with her just being yourself. although be careful because she might pull a prank on you! haha.
our conversations were great, and the time was personally very rewarding.... i can't remember the last time i had that much adult conversation in three days! ha! thank you peoples church for blessing me so much with a time of refreshing and time to spend with girlfriends. I'm so grateful!!... and can't wait til next year! =D

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the rushes of OKC said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the sweet words. I enjoyed spending time with you. I need to get some recipes from you too. I love reading your blog.