Friday, June 27, 2008

Jace's first day without mommy!

so we went to six flags yesterday with our youth, and it was awesome!! our kids had so much fun, and they were so well behaved. it was all together a great trip, but even more exciting was the fact that the entire time we were in texas, jace stayed home with some of our friends and he did great!
needless to say i was more than uneasy about the idea. i actually texted the sitters probably ten different times throughout the day just for my own piece of mind, but every time i checked up on him he was doing great! i couldn't believe it! well i could because i pretty much had prayed about it for the entire week before, but i couldn't because he usually gets upset even when i am home and just leave the room. so all in all, it was a huge answer to prayer because i was at peace of mind knowing he was doing well and i had a great time at six flags because of it =) a whole day all to myself... it's hard to believe!

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the rushes of OKC said...

I know how you feel. Brian and I went away a couple of days and left the kids with relatives. I was nervous, but the same thing, they did great the whole time. Glad you got to get away and have fun!