Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

so i was pretty excited because i found a jawbone on sale! i had been looking for a few weeks and wouldn't you know the day before father's day, i finally found one for $80! (compared to usually costing $119) so of coarse, you know me, i love surprises. i put it in a nice gift bag, left one of those cute singing cards in there that sang, "just the two of us" ( i thought it was pretty cute) and then slipped it in his car so when he left for church father's day morning, he would find a nice little surprise! needless to say he really liked it, but with chris there's not much guessing. he usually tells me exactly what he'd like which - i like. atleast i know that way he'll always like what i get =)

after church i came home and fixed us a nice lunch that didn't come out exactly as i had hoped, but i tried. we had ribeye steaks (that were well done...... that's the part i hadn't hoped for! ha!) , rosemary potatoes, home-style green beans and of coarse, sister shubert's!! mm! we love some sister shuberts! haha! after that i decided it was his day, so we spent the majority of the day relaxing and watching the u.s. open.

all in all, i just hope he had a great father's day because he deserves it. he's such an amazing dad, and i probably don't tell him enough. anytime he's playing with jace, is my favorite time. i just love to watch them interact and to see the side of chris thats so playful and tender. he loves jace so much and that is evident any time you see the two of the together. so hats off to you baby! to the worlds best dad! we love you and are so glad your ours!

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