Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lazy bones

not sure why but today is one of those days where from the time i woke up, i have felt nothing but lazy! i've been really tired lately... and no i'm not pregnant.... but for whatever reason, i've got to do something because if not i might start rotting =) just kidding, that's gross. so i somehow managed to do two loads of laundry, washed some dishes, and took jace to his doctors appointment, so atleast i've been somewhat productive, yet i feel like i haven't done anything. i wonder if being at home mom is giving my brain too much rest? is that possible, sure it is =)
on an upside i'm super excited (and that does require some energy) because our family is going on vacation july 3rd, and we're going home to indy. we're going to get to see our family, who i miss very much, and chris and i are going to take a special day for just the two of us and we're going to king's island. i'm very excited about it even though i'm nervous to leave jace for a day and night, but i guess better to do it when he's with family. i'm also really excited because i get to see my two best friends. my best friend from ohio, stacy petty, is coming to see me and i can't wait to see her. she's about to have her second baby, and we were together throughout her first pregnancy, which was really exciting. so i can't wait to see her pregnant again! and my best friend from indy, tiffany marko, who i hung out with all through highschool and we've have an amazing friendship full of amazing memories.... many of which i can't share because i'd be too embarrassed. can't wait!!

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