Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Big Boy

Well, good news: Jace is starting his first day of day care tomorrow, and I am really excited. We've had our names on a wait list for quite a while now, at a church day care. It was the only one we visited that we had a 100% complete peace about, and we're finally in! Yay!
It's kinda crazy to think that our little man will be in a class with a teacher and little classmates. It makes me feel like he's getting so big so fast. Seems like just yesterday I was propping him up on our bed, making silly faces at him, and noises I've never made before, just to try to get him to giggle. Now, he's so fast and always a step ahead of me, and always into everything. Funny how what everyone said is true: they grow up SO fast =)
It's nice though. Every stage has its moments. When he was first born, he was so dependent on me for everything and it was nice to be needed. He was so tiny, and at times I would just hold him and marvel at how amazingly beautiful he was. It was nice to know I always had someone to cuddle and love. Now he's so big and independent, and getting him to hold still for even a minute is a challenge. Yet, even though he's beyond the cooing and cuddling, he's so much more interesting now. Whether it be his facial expressions or his words... well if you could call them words, he's such a little person. It's so fun to interact with him and see the boy he's becoming.
There's no doubt, I love being a mom. Tomorrow is just another one of those moments that I'll lock away in my heart forever.


the rushes of OKC said...

so glad you got him in.

Winnie said...

So, how did his first week go? Is he loving it? You?