Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Weight Goal

Okay so with the weather starting to warm up a bit, I've been thinking lately that I need to up my goal. I reached my first goal which was 130. It was about 15 pounds I was going for then, and I reached it which is great, but I'm thinking I can push for just a bit more. Honestly, I have cut back on a lot of the bad stuff I was eating, but since reaching 130 I've started to figure out ways to cheat and stay at 130 which isn't good! I don't want to be thin, I want to be healthy! And that is the hard part. Unfortunately, I love a juicy burger now and again, and I LOVE chocolate, and I even enjoy a vanilla coke once in a while, but if continue to substitute bad foods for all the good ones, then my cholesterol and my long-term health is what's going to suffer. SO, I think that if I can crack down a bit more on my fast food and sweets, and up my exercise, maybe go walking with Jace more, I think I can make it to 125 by the summer. I know it's only 5 pounds, but I have a feeling those last 5 are going to be the hardest. Especially since the lightest I've ever weighed (since being out of middle school that is!) is 127. We'll see, but I think I can do it.... with some help of coarse. Some help from the Lord to give me strength when I'm being tempted by all the yummy, delicious foods I want to eat. Help from Chris who is still keeping his weight off and looking great! And help from friends. From today til summer, it's time to get back into being healthy! .... and a tiny bit thinner would be nice too =)

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The Brown Family said...

If you'd ever like to go running, let me know. It's a great workout. I even have a single running stroller you could use. Hopefully a double running stroller is coming my way soon so I can start running again.