Sunday, February 8, 2009

"The Office"

Everyone out here seems to watch the office. After much convincing from almost all of our friends, we're giving into the peer pressure. So tonight the journey begins with season 2 of "the office". As I prepare to hit the play button, many questions are bombarding my mind: "Will I love it just as ALL my friends do? Could I possibly commit to one more show when I'm already spread so thin? Will I be able to handle the pressure of following "the office" with Survivor getting ready to start back up as well?" As these are all equally important questions, one question sticks out in my mind the most, and may haunt me for years to come: "Will watching all these shows turn me into a T.V. junkie???!!!"....... NAH!


The Brown Family said...

I have a suggestion. Tell your husband to give up the Colts. This will give plenty of time for the office. As for survivor... WHO CARES!!!!

The Brown Family said...

The last comment was from Josh. Hope you enjoy the Office. Check out TBS on Tuesdays to get caught up with the current season.