Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So today is our 4 year anniversary and i seriously can't believe it. wow! Time truly goes by way too fast!
Being married to Chris these past four years of my life, have been the shortest years of my life, yet they've been the most memorable. From our honeymoon, to the fun trips we've taken (Canada, Argentina, Belgium, France.... just to name a few!) to living in three different states, and above all that welcoming our beautiful son Jace into the world - so many thoughts and feelings flood my mind, but a few words stick out to me: love, luck and life.

There's no one I love more than my men! Chris is such a great husband, my best friend, and an amazing father. Every time I wake up in the morning and I roll over to see him sleeping, I feel like I'm taking back to our first night together! This love thing Never gets old! In fact sometimes he'll kinda wake up and he'll see me staring at him and he just says, "what?" and there's never really anything! I just love him and can't help but stop and think about how lucky I am.
And Jace, well, the love I have for him is unlike anything I've ever felt before! There's nothing like looking down at that little face and seeing those wide eyes full of love, adoration, and adventure! He's always doing something new - good and bad, but even the bad is cute!!! And I see Chris in him so much! It's impossible not to love him and just holding him sometimes makes me feel all the love I could ever need.

Some people don't believe in luck.... well I sorta don't. I know that God orchestrates everything, but its just hard not to feel lucky when you have the husband you always prayed for and the son you've always dreamed of! So whether it was luck or not, I just feel lucky! =)

Life can be so tiresome, and so fast! But recently becoming a stay at home mom has really allowed me to slow down and take life in at a little more of a slow pace and it's been great! Capturing every moment of Jace development has been irreplaceable. Even if its the smallest stuff. Yesterday he started doing this new cry where instead of just dropping his mouth open and sticking out that pathetic bottom lip, he was like crying and biting his top lip at the same time and he seriously looked like a little old man who forgot to put in his dentures! Wow, the things that make your well up with love when you're a mom! May sound boring, but what a life! Watching my son is the greatest reward. He makes me love life!
Not only is being a mom one of my favorite things in life, but being involved in ministry with Chris has been quite the adventure as well! You haven't heard a preacher until you've heard my husband - he's incredible. His passion is one of the reasons I was so attracted to him before we started dating, and that passion never dies out, and I love it! I've heard him preach probably 500 times and he still has me captivated. God has truly blessed him with so many gifts, and I'm so proud to partner with him as we use our gifts for the Lord. There's nothing he can't do once he sets his mind to it, and I just know, with the Lord's help, Chris is going to do so many Amazing things in ministry and in life! Thank you baby for living life with me! I'm proud to support you and I love you!

Finally, Happy Anniversary!

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