Friday, May 16, 2008

life is good

so how about i hit the mall yesterday with a vengence!! i'm not usually a crazy mall shopper, but i had this coupon that of coarse i had to use... it was $25 off!! so you already know i was hitting the clearance racks!! haha! i ended up pretty successful if i do say so myself. i left lerner new york and co. with 8 tops and a pair of sandals and i spent just under $50. (which was more than i intended but once i got started i just couldn't stop!)
coming home to show chris all that i got was kinda nerve racking just because i had only asked to spend 25, but i was hoping that maybe he had forgot! of coarse because my husband is such a doll, i told him how much i had spent, and he didn't seem to mind at all. i have to say i'm pretty lucky to have such a generous husband. not that i'm always "needing" things, but chris has always been great about letting me get stuff if he knows its something i really have my heart set on. He's never stingy, and i really appreciate that about him. i think its that reason alone that i never get the urge to run up a credit card or something... you know?
so the last night, for our anniversary we went to the cheesecake factory which was absolutely delicious! i never leave there unsatisfied. i got the chicken piccata and chris got orange chicken. then we ended the meal perfectly by splitting a delectable slice of white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake - YUM!!!!
then we hit the golf coarse.... well putt-putt actually, and we had so much fun. its so great when you're married to your best friend and even the smallest things can be so enjoyable =)
needless to say he beat me! by ONE stroke if i might add!!! hahaha..... i might as well face it - he'll always beat me! at the end of the night, it didn't matter, the only thing that mattered was the fact that we had fun, which we don't always make time for, but we're doing better now that jace is getting older.
all in all, our anniversary was wonderful. it's so amazing to spend life with someone you love and admire so much. life is good =)

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