Friday, May 30, 2008

The past week

so the puppy is really starting to get an idea of the whole potty training bit - he's actually starting to go to the door every time he needs to potty, that's pretty exciting, because i'm tired of cleaning up messes! hehe.
jace is growing like a sprout (sideways more than lengthwise!) i'm not sure what we're feeding him exactly, it doesn't seem like much but boy does he have those chunky thighs! he's so cute and he's getting so smart. in fact just in the last week, he's started sitting up all by himself (like from his tummy), he's just started crawling, and now he's learning how to wave! every day it's something new and every day is more exciting! i love being a mom so much and he's my daily reminder as to why. what a blessing he is! and just gets cuter every day!
so chris preached at church this past sunday, and he did awesome!!! i am so proud of him. he just puts so much passion and energy into his sermons every time he preaches and i admire that about him so much.
my dad and his family was here this past weekend, and we had such a wonderful time, the only hangup is that it was too short! they were only able to stay through the day sunday and then had to leave monday morning, so that was a bummer, but they took full advantage of the short time that they were here and bought a puppy too! in fact they bought dungy's brother! so funny! my dad has never been an impulsive person but buying dungy's brother definitely was surprising! it was so cute though because as soon as they brought the puppy to our house, him and dungy were wrestling all over the place! you could tell they already missed eachother! it was really cute!
well i've got lots to do before jace gets up from his nap, but just had to update =)

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