Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bittersweet Cheat

So last night Chris and I decided to have a little date/cheat night. Yes, I said "cheat". I say that because he and I have been working very hard this past month at eating healthy and staying far, far away from fried, starchy, sugary foods. You're probably thinking, "well Gee Wizz! What else is there?!" Well for the first few days, my stomach was grumbling the same thing. But as I've been sticking to this new way of eating, not only have I found that my taste buds are smiling again, but so are my jeans! ha ha ha! No seriously, at first I felt like I couldn't eat anything, but the more and more I've forced myself to eat fruit for a snack as oppose to chocolate, or a handful of almonds as oppose to a handful of chips, I've definitely noted a change in my cravings. In fact, not only do I not crave most of the junk food I used to, but I'm not even nearly as hungry. Maybe its in part because Jace is no longer breastfeeding. All I know is I used to eat all day! And you know what I ate too! Sonic tater tots, cherry limeades, M&M's, chocolate chip cookies..... NO MORE! In fact, I haven't had french fries in over a month!!!! I know! I'm crazy, but I sure do feel a lot better about myself, and I find that even if I do want to eat that way again, I'm going to definitely pay the price.

Last night on our date we decided to go to Chili's (which is one of our favorites!) We both were good and ordered waters, but we figured that since we were cheating we'd get an appetizer and then split the entree.... maybe even get a dessert.... or so we thought. We started with some chips and salsa, we split a house salad and then shared a burger that shouldn't even be legal! I'm talking a big juicy all beef patty, topped off with fried onions, thick applewood smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, dill pickles, a thick slice of tomato, mayonaise, and of coarse you've got to finish it off with some ancho chile barbeque sauce!!! Oh my heavens! Can you please call me in to the doctor so they can check my cholesterol! It's getting higher just reading this! Hmm-hm! =) Normally, when we used to go to Chili's we would both get our own burger and we'd both eat most of it, if not all of it. Well last night, we split it and even then, neither of us could even finish our halves without feeling stuffed! So much for dessert! And so much for having fun cheating. The moment we finished, we both looked at each other, sighed, and smiled because both of our stomaches were miserable. It felt like I swallowed a tub of lard! Gross I know, but that's how I was feeling. It's just funny. All night I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into something bad, but then after I did, I wished I hadn't. I guess this new eating habit is going to take some of my old fun away... but that's okay I guess. As long as I keep fitting into my clothes, and feeling better about myself, it's definitely all worth it. Besides, I'm definitely not giving up everything..... like Starbucks for instance ;)

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