Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

Oh what a Monday! Ever have one of those days where you sit back and ask yourself, "Wait? What just happened?" Ha, ha, well that's me every Monday! Mostly because it's our busy day at the office, trying to catch up from the weekend, and everyone is still pooped from our four services Sunday. Athough today, I am a little more pooped than my norm because this past Sunday, I was given the opportunity to lead worship. It was awesome! Leading for that many people was definitely scary, don't get me wrong, but simply having the opportunity to be stretched and being able to use my gift, doing what I love, it was great. One thing I never realized though was how exhausted I'd be by the end of the 4th service! By the end of the afternoon, I felt like I had just ran a marathon! Definitely makes you appreciate what Brian and Herbert do EVERY Sunday! =) So as soon as church had ended, I had a game plan: Grab lunch. Go home. Get into my P.J.'s, and take a nap! .... And I did!.... And it was wonderful!!! Not something I get to do much anymore, but when I do, I definitely try to take full advantage.

Rewinding back to Saturday, Chris and I went to our Ignite Cookout which was great. We love any opportunity we can get to spend time just hanging with friends. Later that night, I decided to go to the movies with some girl friends - FUN! We were going to see something called, "the secret life of Bee" or something like that =P. Well we were all excited to see it because we had heard it was supposed to be really good, but much to our dismay, once we were all there, we realized the movie had already started!... 20 minutes ago! No worries =) We hopped in our cars, drove to the nearest Starbucks, and just sat, talked, laughed, and enjoyed one another's company. I had a great time. There's just something about being with friends that's so refreshing!

So that was my weekend. All in all, it was great, but boy did it fly by! Hopefully this week will fly by too so I can enjoy the weekend again!

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