Saturday, November 8, 2008

Taking a Moment

These past few weeks have flown by, pretty much slipping right through my fingers. Every day seems to be shorter than the last! - well today is Saturday, and I pretty much decided when I woke up this morning, that I was going to slow things down for a change! =)
The plan: relax! Right now I'm sitting in my slippers and watching my favorite T.V. station, Food Network of coarse =). Jace is peacefully sleeping and should be asleep for probably the next hour - nice! Chris is at the gym working out which means one thing.... I get the T.V. (he he)
Times like these are nice, no not just because I get the T.V.! But because it gives me time to breathe and clear my head. So many days go by where I'm just like a little energizer bunny, going and going. Unfortunately, half the time I'm so busy getting things done, I don't even stop to enjoy what I'm doing. So today, I've decided to just relax and enjoy the slow pace.
It's so easy when you're busy to go through life, and not realize how many great things you've been given. Well right now, I have to say, I'm a pretty lucky lady. When I actually take a moment to think about my life right now, there's not much to complain about. I have an amazing, loving and patient husband, a beautiful, happy and healthy baby boy, and a job I love. God has been so good to me and our family. I just hope I can take more moments like this to thank him for it.

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