Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm such a kid!

So we just started our "Secret Santa" at work this week between all of us office ladies and the kid in me is so excited. I don't know what's more fun. Walking in the office to find a neatly, wrapped gift with MY name on it, or placing one somewhere for someone else, and them having no clue it's from me! I know I'm 24, but really I'm 100% kid at heart - just ask my husband!
It's funny. Yesterday I needed some pretty, red ribbon for my special gift, and the only place I could think of having any was in the attic with all the rest of our Christmas decorations. So of coarse, I didn't see this as an obstacle. No this was an opportunity to get the Christmas tree down and all of the wonderful stuff that goes along with it. Excited I ran to Chris and said, "OOoo. I need to get ribbon, but it's with all the Christmas stuff.... wanna help me take down the tree?!" He looked at me with a sheepish smile and said, "Are you serious? It's not even Thanksgiving. Babe, if we get that tree down, you're going to put it up in the next couple of days, even though, you know we're going to be super busy before we go vacation. Somehow you'll find a way and put it up. You're so impulsive." I replied, "YUP! So can you help me?!!" ha ha ha. Needless to say, my wonderful hubby gave into my pleas, and now our Christmas tree is patiently awaiting me to take it out of the box and dress it all up! Who knows. Maybe I'll surprise Chris and not even bother with it at all. We'll see because just thinking about it makes me get the warm and fuzzies!

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