Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I love vacations:

So right now I'm sitting with my feet up, reclined on the couch, Jace is upstairs snoozing, and there's nothing in the air but peace and quiet. No dinner to cook, no house to clean, no work to do, just simply sit here and do nothing! I love it! In fact, this morning I slept in..... actually almost every morning I've slept in =) and it's been wonderful!
Now being on vacation, isn't necessarily always this relaxing for us, especially when we decide to spend it here in Indy where all of our family live. If we're not careful, instead of relaxing, we can spend the entire visit driving from one person's house to the next. It's such an easy mistake to make, and we've made it many times before. All of our families live here, and of coarse, they all want to see Jace - who wouldn't! So knowing that, we planned ahead. This time home, we made it appoint to spend one night all to ourselves, and that night was last night. In fact, we didn't even bring Jace. We left him with Nina (grandma) for the night, and Chris and I hopped in the car and escaped all the hustle and bustle of being home for the holidays. It was great! We went out for dinner at this nice place called, "Rick's Boatyard and Cafe" where we had the most amazing goat cheese and french bread for an appetizer. And then for our main coarse, Chris selected these yummy pork chops and I chose the pan seared Tilapia and Shrimp. It was DE-LISHOUS!! =) Afterward, we spent some time together at our hotel and then decided to cheat on our diet and go out for late night hot fudge "sippable sundaes" from Steak n' Shake! Those were pretty good too! Then we relaxed, watched a late night movie and snoozed off into wonderful, un-interrupted sleep! It was awesome! The only downside is that we didn't plan to stay for two nights instead of one =)
So for the rest of our stay here, I don't think we'll be doing much, but that's okay. I think I like vacations better that way.

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paul hinzman said...

You should have eaten at Sullivan's and made me jealous! =0)