Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm doing what??!!

So I just want to inform everyone that my husband and I are undergoing a major transformation. No really. It's true. We've decided to change our faces and get plastic surgery!! Crazy I know, but if you had our noses you'd understand.

If you even for an instant believed what I just typed, you are so gullible! =) Actually we are making a big change, but it involves our waistline instead of our face. Chris recently had a physical. He had his cholesterol, sugar, and all that good stuff checked. Unfortunately he's not exactly where he needs to be, and like him, I eat all the same foods that he eats. Basically, I'm thinking my cholesterol probably isn't looking too good right now either, so! We've decided to start eating healthier. Not just watch our portions, but really watch our sugar, carbs, and sat/trans fats. Now you might be thinking, that sounds hard. And, oh my, it is! Everything has saturated fat! It's so discouraging! I went grocery shopping the other afternoon, and for the first time, I actually read the nutrition facts, and it wasn't pretty let me just say that! But after a lot of perusing, I finally left feeling like I had enough food to make it through the week, and it actually didn't look all THAT bad =) Sure there weren't any cookies or chips in my grocery cart, but hey I've decided that living longer means more to me than eating what I want. So I'm doing my research and trying to find some new healthy recipes and if I find any good ones, I'll be sure to share them with all of you! Wish us luck!


hoodfamily00 said...

you'll have to pass them along to me!!

hoodfamily00 said...

I like the pic!!