Saturday, July 26, 2008

T. Y. M. N. K. A. M. - Part 3

My favorite actor of all time is Mel Gibson, and that of coarse means that my favorite movie of all time is Braveheart..... I have to be in the mood to be sad though because it makes me cry every time!! =(

I'm addicted to salt. I add it to everything I eat. I know, I know that's bad. But what can I say? I can't be perfect in every way! Ha, not! =)

If I could visit anywhere in the world, Italy would definitely be on the top of my list.

My favorite Christian band growing up was Third Day. The love the rough sound of Mac Powell's voice even though my husband thinks he stinks!

I do like thrills. Back when we lived in MO, I had the opportunity to go sky diving with a group of work friends, and I SO wanted to do it. Unfortunately at the time, Chris and I were engaged and my "fiance" didn't want me to take the chance of going and not coming back alive... What chance?!

Everyone has a fetish. Here are some of mine... just to list a few =)
- The toilet seat should always, and I repeat always, be down.
- The shower curtain should always be shut. It just looks so much more tidy.
- When referring to laundry, if it's on the floor, its dirty. I sometimes get in trouble for that one.
- Getting dressed. If I'm wearing a belt, my shoes have to match.
- Let's talk. When I need to talk about something, I want undivided attention. Otherwise, I'll either take it really personal or probably start crying.
- Just pick a place. Sometimes I really am in the mood for whatever, and all I want is someone to make the decision for me =)
- Losing things. Yes, I know this is definitely not good, but it's a habit of mine and it drives me crazy!
- Facial care. Contrary to most women, I don't use all the facial cleansers and make up removers, and all that other great stuff, but without fail, every single day I have to use Nivea skin cream. I've been using if for years and its probably the only good thing I'm doing for my skin!
- International Delight French Vanilla Creamer. A cup of coffee can't be complete without it.
- Clutter. I get really annoyed if I look around the house and I feel like there's just "stuff" everywhere. I can't sit still until I feel like everything is in just the right place.
- People who drive slow in the fast lane... Ay Ca rumba! (or however you spell that!) I'm not a lead foot. 7 - 10 Miles over the speed limit is usually just right for me =)
- Walmart. How come they never have more than 3 people for their 20 registers?!

... I could keep going but for the sake of everyone reading, I'll take a break there =) What are some of your fetish's I wonder???

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Justin Chandler said...

Shopping carts left in the parking lot when the stall is a few feet away. Makes me want to murder