Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tiny People

So I watched the little Cooper kiddos today and they were so stinking adorable! We had a great time watching Disney and "wow, wow, wubsy"..... eerrrrr something like that! Cale knows what I'm talking about! =) I got chased around by a snapping crocodile (thanks to Cale), and growling circus bear (thanks to Cade), and then there's Caris, who just stared and smiled the whole time. On the outside she's as sweet as can be, but in her mind I think she was probably thinking, "this lady seriously is way too easily entertained"! ha!
Watching three kids was different from my everyday 1, but it was fun. Not only did it open my eyes to how out of shape I am =0 but it was so interesting to see what Jace will be like in 1,2, and maybe even 3 years from now. What I found the most amusing is how they're all like little adults! I'm used to slobbering and babbling...... reasoning? Not so sure I'm ready for that one yet! One thing that made me chuckle was, while I was playing with Cale I noticed him counting. So I said, "wow Cale, you are such a great counter! How high can you count?" and without even a hesitation, he shrugged his shoulders, waved his hand around and very nonchalantly said, "oh, you know. Ten. Eleven or so." OF COARSE! How silly am I for asking! =) I immediately started laughing. One, because of how grown up he sounded, but also because when he said it, he was a spitting image of his dad! It was so weird and yet so neat to see such a grown person in such a tiny frame.
It makes we wonder what Jace is going to be like. I've been thinking about it all day actually. Will he talk like his dad? Will he crack corny jokes like his mom? - for all our sakes lets hope not! ha! I don't know, but it sure is fun to think about! .... I bet he'll be like me! ;)

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Tiffany said...

This was fun to read. I'm glad you had a good time with the kiddos...I do everyday! Thank you for letting me bring them over. They had a great time and talked about it the whole way home.