Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What I Dread =/

There's nothing like going on a vacation. Plane rides, friends, family, and not to mention lots and lots of good food (sigh). I'm hungry already! Our vacation is coming up, well actually it's here. Starting tomorrow we board a plane to Indianapolis to see family and I'm really excited. Jace has gotten so big and I just know our family is dieing to see him =) ... unfortunately because we're leaving tomorrow, that means I need to pack up today, which means I must do the one chore I dread the most. I would rather scrub 50 toilets, change 100 poopie diapers and walk the dog a million times before even thinking of this.... and well I confess.... its...... DUM, DUM, DUM!..... LAUNDRY!!! +[] Ahhhhhhhhh! (hehehehe) Okay so maybe a little dramatic, but really. Do we have to wash our clothes?! Can't we just wear' em and then throw them away? Then we can go shopping more =D And why does doing the laundry always feel so unproductive. I mean yeah it feels good when you peer over and see the hamper nice and EMPTY! Oh but that's only for a few hours till Jace spits up, or Dungy throws up on the carpet, or I, like usual, spill something down my shirt - there's always more to be cleaned.... Ugh! I know it seems silly but I think every person has their one chore that just stands above the rest... for stinking that is! So there it is. You know a little more about me, and now you know what you can do for me if you ever wanted to make my day =) Oh well, I guess I probably shouldn't spend too much time complaining about it seeing as how I've gotta a lot to do.... a lot of laundry! =/

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the rushes of OKC said...

Mine would have to be the bathroom in general. Every area of it! I'm hearing you!!!! Have a good vacation!